Awesome People

Hello and welcome to Awesome People, a home for outliers, icons and extraordinary people. I'm Lisa Heinricks your host and creator.

An Outlier is described as someone who stands apart from others of his or her group. The law of the vital few comes from the 80/20 rule of Pareto's principle that 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of the effort. Or, in human terms, 20 percent of people are the game changers in a society, group or organization - in other words, Awesome People.

Live life deliberately.

I’ve been painting since I was two, so it wasn't a surprise that I use this medium as a way to connect with others. A few years ago, to my surprise, I discovered that painting was not enough. I need a more intimate way to connect, multiple ways to share, and a vehicle to help others. I am passionate about learning and growing and am insatiably curious. Couple this with my desire to help others and we have the perfect formula for Awesome People.

A new addition to Awesome People is Tamara- my life-long friend with a brilliant brain who is the writer behind Captain Awesome. Her writing is inspiring and insightful and has brought Awesome People to superhero status!

Awesome People is a labour of love, a long-term lifetime goal and my gift to you.


What you’ll find on Awesome People.


This section is full of amazing interviews with extraordinary people. We talk about tipping points in life, big impressions and important things that can be passed on. You can listen to every interview directly on this site and they are categorized in these topics; Entrepreneurs, Business, Artists, Writers, LGBTQ. They are also posted on my Podcast Channel, Awesome People by Lisa, in iTunes.


In the painting section under HEROS you will find icons figures like Frida Kahlo and Jimmy Hendrix. Every month I add a new HERO. They are exclusively available to my Patrons on Patreon.

The Commission section is where you can have your or a loved one’s portrait painted.

Wanna see more of my work? My personal site has all my work from hand painted tables to landscape paintings. Click here to see more. 


Interact with Awesome People in style. Colouring has become an adult pastime, a social event and a meditation. Now you can colour with icons like Amelia Earhart and Viola Desmond....and learn a little history while you're at it. For example did you know Viola Desmond is going to be on the next $10 bill? This will happen in 2018 and I'm proud to say she is one of many figures that will be in Awesome People's first colouring book - Colouring our World - Influential and Inspirational Women. 


Captain Awesome is about being the captain of your own destiny, living your truth and being the best version of yourself you can be. The superhero of your life! This is a blog, followed by a podcast and complete with an illustration of the Captain herself. 


Awesome People is a reflection on everything that is important to me, the people who are in my life, the lives I touch and the trickle effect of this….

The content of Awesome People is an accumulation of profound experiences. Every interview I do changes my perspective on life, every painting changes how I see, with every illustration I make I open to learning. My goal is, of course, to pass on as much as I can to you, so you, too, can evolve in ways that bring your dreams to fruition.

Thank you

As Awesome People thinking and living differently is at the core of who we are. You're not alone, you're the reason the world is so interesting and you're the reason I do this! Thanks for being you.