Totes Mask Dude

Totes Masc Dude.....enter Dana, our first interview with the Awesome People Movement! I’m very excited to start the Movement with such a beautiful person. Dana is far from ordinary. He is articulate, fun, inspiring, kind and forgiving in nature and I’m proud to say a very good friend of mine.

His personal mission: “The love Connection”, being with people and coaching them through their stuff. Which in turn helps him reflect on his own life and the impact he has on others.

Dana was born in Calgary, Alberta and came out when he was 26 yrs old. His father was a missionary child and grew up in the Philippines. His mom found Christianity as a teen and thus Dana grew up with a very strong Christian upbringing....

He talks about the positive effects from his negative upbringing living with his parents religious beliefs and what he was able to take away from that life learning experience and the man he has become today.

He was a Raw Vegan for a time while searching and finding his own spiritual practice. Which he now describes as a combination of Wiccan, Christianity and Buddhism. Cool!

Dana’s three favorite books are: “The way of the peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman and, “The Velvet Rage” by Alan Downs, and third, “Neuro Linguistic Programming for dummies” by Romilla Ready and Kate Burton.

The topic of Neuro Linguistic Programming brought us to the topic on Ted Talks with Amy Cuddy on the power of body language which is in the same vane and quite fascinating. If you're at all interested in your own behaviours this is a fascinating video and topic.

Dana and I have regular “adventure days”, which usually consists of a hike somewhere we’ve never been or only partially planned. We do not do the “not planning part” on purpose but it seems to bring a spontaneity that we both like. So we decided to do this interview outside of Brad Creek in Kananaskis Country. Thinking this is probably one of the most beautiful areas in the world even though we have not traveled the world....

I’m sure you're gonna love this first episode. It’s an episode where I get to learn about technological things, like...don't fuss with the mike........It’s a bit of a learning curve so please bare with me as I figure this out. As well, Awesome People has evolved for me. Starting out as "finding your Personal Mission" to now, "what are the tipping points in your life that have changed you?" Very similar outcomes but the approach is different. 

I've really enjoyed the growth and evolution of Awesome People over that past year. From this episode to my current one, you will see a bunch of changes. But the one thing stays true, my love of connecting with people and learning form each other.

Totes Dude, lisa

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