The Straight Dream, Reparative Therapy and Fire Insurance!

My next interview is with James. Sometimes called Big James….

James was born in Saskatoon and remained there until he was 19 when he moved to the thriving metropolis of Regina! It wasn't necessarily a better place but it was certainly Uglier!

James was married for 17 years and had 4 children. He always knew he was gay but became a first Generation Christians as Fire insurance.. "I was looking for a way to not go to hell.”

James and his Wife both knew he was gay. Being gay was solvable and they decided on the Reparative therapy approach. If you live as a straight person you become a straight person…..

Of course we know this never works…..James came out at 41. This was his Coming Out Tour! It was his Point of 'Being and Living Authentic'.

He maintained a friendship and respect outside of marriage with his ex wife and eventually they became good friends…..

We talk about religion, atheists, kids and home...This interview is wonderful! Whenever I’m around James I feel calm and cozy. He oozes contentment and authenticity and I can't wait for you to feel it too in this amazing half hour…..

with love, lisa


I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

My goal is to change the way art is sold and experienced.


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