Fungus, Loonies and a Car Wash!


It gives me great pleasure to introduce this amazing dynamo to Awesome People Lynn Greene! I first came across her while being introduced to this video Citizen X. A video about Bill C-16 or more commonly called the bathroom bill. It's a bill that will amend the human rights act to protect those transitioning while using a public washroom. Why this has become such a big issue we are not sure but Lynn is not someone to sit and do nothing. She and a group of talented individuals made this video to show support to transgendered and to say hey this is ridiculous, we just wanna pee!! 

 ________________ "At some point we are responsible for our own lives" ___________________

Lynn ran away at 16 and has never looked back. Her motto is "We can do better!". The tough times in her life made her more compassionate and made her strong. She is resistant, fun and as she put it...never bored! 

Without further a due, please welcome, Lynne Greene.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

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