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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to Awesome People Jacq Kemp, Winemaker at Moraine Winery and winner of many awards…..

Moraine Estate Winery produces one of my favorite wines….a Malbec that is spectacular AND they are located on the Naramata Bench just 7.2 K from my home. How lucky am I!!?

Jacq Kemp is the winemaker for Moraine Estate Winery and is the focus of this incredible podcast. Meeting Jacq this past summer was a gift. Not only was I introduced to a wine that has become my absolute favorite but Jacq is incredibly knowledgable and luckily for me and you, loves to teach….

This podcast is full of….and I mean full of all things wine. My learning curve was like that of a rock climber...straight up and steep. The process of dirt to vine to the bottle is humbling to say the least. The work involved is beyond what I thought and one must have an incredible passion to want to work so hard…..Jacq is that person.

Now before you start thinking i'm being biased here are a list of awards that Moraine Winery has won...and this is just the past 2 years….

  • 2016 Gewurztraminer - Double Gold in the all Canadian Wine Competition.
  • 2016 Gewurztraminer - Bronze in the International FIngers Competition.
  • 2016 Cliff Hanger Red - Silver in the International FIngers Competition.
  • 2016 Riesling - Gold in the International FIngers Competition.
  • 2015 Pinot Noir - Double Gold in the International Pinot Noir Competition.
  • 2015 Red Mountain - Bronze in the BC Wine Awards
  • 2015 Cliffhanger White - Silver BC Wine Awards
  • 2015 Syrah - Bronze BC Wine Awards
  • 2015 Viognier - Silver all Canadian Wine Championship and the BC Wine Awards
  • 2015 Malbec - Bronze all Canadian Wine Championship and the BC Wine Awards

Jacq grew up in England, Brussels and New Zealand so her accent is spectacular! There are many great things about this interview but having her pronounce Deck is definitely a highlight. But it's not just the wine and all it's glory that impressed me so much….or her accent…. It was Jacq herself…..“Talking about what you're doing wrong is super important. It helps you move a step forward towards right.” This honesty exudes from her and is by far one of the features that made this interview so enjoyable. It's an incredible way to live one's life…..a humbling life lesson we can all strive for.

The Canadian wine industry is at an exciting time in the world. We are just past the development stage and starting to be recognized as as an international competitor. Wineries like Moraine are pushing the boundaries and putting Canada on the map of really really great wine!!

This interview is such a treat and I could go on and on but really it's time to just listen….so grab your notebook and pen and enjoy….

I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

My goal is to change the way art is sold and experienced.


Music for the Podcast provided by Jarred Nicklen. You can find more on him at TwitterFacebookInstagram. Etc.


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