Storytelling, Ringette and the Art of Wearing good shoes.

Amy is an incredible artist and this interview is incredible! If you’re into art or just wanting to know more about the artistic practice and what goes on inside the head of an artist this interview will be inspiring. You may want to do some painting after! Amy has an amazing way of expressing her world and what it means to be an artist and the practice and discipline involved. Cheer leaders are extremely important and she was blessed with many.

She started out at the Alberta College of Art and Design, then went to the Glasgow School of Art as part of an exchange program (in Glasgow, Scotland) and finished her degree at Mount Allison, in Sackville, New Brunswick. She has a bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in English.

Amy and I had studio’s down the hall from each other for a few years. It wasn't where we met but it was where we became friends. Amy was instrumental in my shift in artistic directions. Her critiques on my work helped shape my new direction and the bases for the portraits on Awesome People. Thanks Amy!!

Amy took notes and studied for this interview. I was very impressed!! She put a lot of thought into the questions and when I asked her about a tipping point, or game changer, the number one response was going to Glasgow to study. “Going away helps you see yourself at a distance, it gives you a different sense of identity.”

At the end of this interview Amy does a little cameo...she felt that she needed to thank some key people that we didn't talk enough about in the interview so we did a little "add on".  Two cats were mentioned......

Thanks Amy for participating. Please welcome Amy!


I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

My goal is to change the way art is sold and experienced.


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