Money, Legacy's and Reunions.


Today’s guest is the one and only, Lorrie Murphy. Now when I say the one and only, I really mean the one and only!!

The night before our interview we had the Money Pennies Reunion. A celebration of Lorrie’s restaurant and bar called Money Pennies. She often called this place a people bar because everyone was welcome from all walks of life no matter who you were.

The Reunion, a 350 ticketed event, sold out in 2 days!! There is a reason for this. Money Pennies was the hub in calgary for the gay and lesbian community for over a decade. But it wasn’t just Money Pennies. Lorrie started in the restaurant and bar industry in 1974 and started her legacy back then.

Initially Lorrie was going to be a school teacher because she wanted to help people. But that day, at that moment, when she was about to sign on the dotted line to enrol in college, she stopped…….something came over her. She knew then and there something wasn't right and that she could help more people in another industry and in another way. The universe spoke and she listened.

Who is Lorrie - I’m wonderful, dynamic, innovative, motivated, fantastic, fun loving, elegant and nice….

I worked with Lorrie for 4 years as a server and bartender. It was shortly after I moved to calgary in 2003 and It was the best decision I could have made. Lorrie has a way of making people feel welcome and at home. She invites you into her circle and that circle becomes a gathering place of wonderful people who all want to be involved. Which is why her legacy is so important.  

Lorrie Murphy is a community hero who has touched an incredible amount of people. She has left a mark on this city that is the stuff of legends. I personally look up to her as a benchmark of the kind of person I want to become.

During the reunion I took a bunch of videos asking people what Money Pennies and Lorrie meant to them. Here is my YouTube Channel to check them out. 

Lorrie and her partner Michelle have continued their adventures in touching peoples lives. They now run a Bed and Breakfast in Campbell River, BC. Its called...Money Pennies!! Check it out if your on the island!! They score a 9.5 on trip advisor...

Welcome Lorrie Murphy, to Awesome People.


Words of wisdom from Lorrie

“Listen to the universe it will take you where you need to be and give you what you need to have.” - Lorrie Murphy

“Speak what you want, believe that you can have it and know there is a path for you. Because you can take all the stops that you want but your still gonna end up there. But you're gonna go thru the hard steps...and you're gonna sit back and say ‘well why didn’t i do that in the first place” - Lorrie Murphy.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

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