Travel, shoplifting and alternative parenting.


This interview is a must for anyone searching for an unconventional lifestyle. My next guest, David Wourms is the go-to guy for living an alternative life. He is homeless, (he still has an address in Alberta; the government requires this), but lives out of Airbnb and house-sitting gigs. He is also the primary parent of his daughter, and has been since she was 4 years old.

As a woman and someone who grew up in a multiple parent divorce situation, I’ve always been curious as to how a single dad (or mom) would or could do it differently. Well, I found out that the possibilities are many. As you will hear.

David wanted to instill in his daughter a core value of independance and security, and that he did. “Independence gives you security. And If you don't need anything or anyone then you're not desperate for a relationship and [are] able to spend time with yourself and others.”

One of the things I loved was that he would write letters to his daughter, not to mail them but to have a conversation. He would pick a topic, something he did when he was her age, or something that she was leaning toward. He would write about it, and then they would sit and have a conversation. No filters - complete transparency.

As a result of this and many other cool things, like texting each other when they are both home, she grew up to be as he had hoped - independant, honest, kind, smart and secure within her being.

This interview is inspiring and has a sense of wanderlust. They departed on a one-year epic journey across Canada 4 days after his daughter graduated high school. Planes, trains, boats and buses. An incredible trip, before she started college, that they will both cherish. And, in case it has crossed your mind, they haven't had an argument in years!

“The day to day life we had was not filled with conflict. Because we had a good understanding of each other there was never a need to "fight over the milk" so to speak. So although we had issues I don't remember the day-to-day fighting like what was in my house growing up, there wasn't a day that someone wasn't fighting with someone else.”

I met up with David in Vancouver. He had decided Vancouver was a place to stay for a couple months, and I was on my sister's couch - the timing was perfect! I had been trying to get him to do an interview for months! Now was my chance. We sat at a restaurant in Yaletown and did the interview right then and there. It took a server half an hour to notice we were there, which was hilarious, but we got privacy!

Since we were sitting on a patio the noise level was quite high, but David, being a computer geek, did a little magical editing for me and was able to take out most of the annoying noise and save our interview. Thank you David!!

So without further ado, David Wourms, my alternative go-to guy!

I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

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