Karate, Beatniks & John Neville


Karate, Beatniks & John Neville

James is a funny guy….he can be serious as well but for most of this interview he makes me laugh out loud!!

James is an actor, both stage and film, a stand up comic and a Poet. In fact I had James recite five poems for this interview and I've interspersed them throughout our chat.

James has worked with John Candy, Donald H. Ford and met the late Karen Hazzard who, referred him to his Toronto agent Edward G Agency.

James was also guest on CBC's S&M Comic Book. That being Sexton and Malone, two comedians from the famous Canadian comedy troupe CODCO out of Newfoundland. Some of whom moved on to become this hour has 22 minutes.

James was Nominated for the prestigious Chalmers Award in 1973 for the production of his play Treasure Island.

He was greatly influenced by the late John Neville, who at the time was the artistic director at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. And Sensei Mas Tsuruoka, the father of Canadian Karate, whom he studied under.

This is a complex man and a fantastic interview. James is my hero. He was almost famous...lost it all….lived on the streets...and thankfully found his way back.

James resides today in Penticton BC. His main source of expression today is social activism, comedy writing, and my favourite, Poetry.

Please welcome, the famous and my hero, James Iwasuk.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

My goal is to change the way art is sold and experienced.


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