Shaken and a Groovin with Arts Rising


This month I’m going to shake things up!!

Here in Penticton we are on the verge of a new consciousness….well actually I think the whole planet is. We just finished the multi sport championships (formally Ironman) and now we are gearing into art….

From September 21st-24th we are hosting, for the first time in Penticton History, “Arts Rising”.

A multi disciplinary Arts and Cultural Event. This is beyond exciting for me. Penticton is known as a sleepy little town full of retirees….but not any more…..

There has been incredible growth in Penticton in the last couple of years and that means incredible people are moving here. I've met loads of people recently; a full roster of musicians, writers, visual artists, film artists, playwrights, poets and designers, bursting at the seams of this once sleepy little town.

Two people that stick out like a sore thumb are Vaelei Walkden-Brown and Laurel Burnham.

Vaelei is the Executive Director of the Penticton Arts Council and Laurel is the Vice President of the Penticton Arts Council and Head of the Arts Rising Organizing Committee. These 2 crazy incredible women are at the helm of this amazing new era.

I interviewed Laurel to discuss in depth why this event is so important. She is a plethora of info, consciousness rising thoughts and just plain crazy in the most brilliant kind of way.

Here is the link for more info on this incredible Arts Rising Consciousness Inspiring Event.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

My goal is to change the way art is sold and experienced.


Music for the Podcast provided by Jarred Nicklen. You can find more on him at TwitterFacebookInstagram. Etc.

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