Garbage Girl, Patrick Swayze and Flying Pigs.


This next interview is super fun!! It gives me great pleasure to bring to you Jan Little and Jenny Long, artists and co-owners of LittleLong Studios. These two crazy ladies just opened their doors a few months ago and are quickly becoming a cultural hub in Penticton.

There used to be lineups to get into the bar down the street and now there’s lineups to get into LittleLong!

Jenny and Jan are the Yin and Yang of Artists. Opposite in so many ways but together create something that on their own wouldn't be the same. LittleLong Studios is what Jenny calls her Dream Space. It’s been in the works for a very long time and has now accumulated to this moment.

Jenny wasn't always a painter, which blows my mind! She started off as a little girl, at her princess desk, drawing. Painting came to her later while in 3rd year college and she has never looked back. “I fell in love with colour!”

“The more I give to the canvas the more I’m gonna get from it.”  - Jenny Long

Jenny Long is inspirational. You can't help but feel uplifted and suddenly have a desire to paint once you’ve been in her presence! Which is perfect since she offers painting classes and….something that we are privileged to know before the rest of the world….Jenny is in the process of filming a Bob Ross type video series….but less dry and way more energetic and fun!!

“Wouldn't it be fun if….”

Jan Little is more than an incredible painter. “I often strives to be a real grownup painter...but I think my mother in law is disappointed in my work…..” we burst out laughing at this point. Jan’s work is beyond beautiful and fun!  

Jan is a nerd, lived in New York for a year and has a thing for Patrick Swayze….but don't tell anyone....

She made the decision to go to Emily Carr because “I was bad a sports and academics were boring….” She kept trying the route of a real job or career so she wouldn't have to starve….but then realized “Artists make money!” Yup it’s true folks, that whole starving artist thing is a myth. Once Jan realized this, the decision to become a painter was a no brainer!

I ask both these girls what their worst jobs were….which gets us talking about wasabi shots and that time Jan lived in her parents basement…..and then...Patrick Swayze came up...again.

And of course, I always ask that question, the one I love “If you could pass on one thing, what would it be?”

“Fall in love with what you are doing. Forget about what you're doing later or tomorrow, just be in the moment….” - Jenny Long

“Just be nice to people, because you just never know….” - Jan Little

Welcome Jan and Jenny to Awesome People!!

I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

My goal is to change the way art is sold and experienced.


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