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This next interview is so great in so many ways!! Claire Keys is our next guest. She is fun, inspiring and has the best accent. Born and raised in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, Claire grew up in and out of convent/boarding schools at the age of two. They were Catholic of course and run by very strict nuns! YIKES!!

Her parents divorced when she was 13 yrs old but she new as long as she could be with her mum, all would be ok. And it was!!!

“Our Mum was the glue and the bond of our family and that’s why we all did so well.”

Her mum was 83 yrs old when she passed and was in Canada for well over 20 years with four of her five girls.

“We were all quite different but we are all really, really close.”

This is a true life story that love conquers all, the power of healing and the belief in oneself.

We jump right into the middle of this interview. Names and people make sense as you listen. The whole thing becomes utterly fascinating, Claire is a real life heroin. She calls herself “two ton tessie” because; as you will find out, when she was in her mid 30’s she was close to 200 pounds! Losing the weight was not easy and we talk to great lengths about self worth and the positive messages we can say to ourselves.

Claire is the Owner & Operator of Teas & Weaves. A joint love of Claire's; Tea and her husband Fritz, weaves... or rugs. It’s a lovely shop where you can stroll up to the bar, just like in a winery, order a tea then browse the store to the look and feel of fancy rugs. A weird and magical combination!

I love this interview. It's inspiring, humbling and romantic.

Please welcome to Awesome People, Claire Keys.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

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