Dr. Phil, Russians, War and Peace.

My next interview is with Klaus Sturze. Klaus was 4 years old when the Second World War began. He was 9 when it ended.

Klaus and his mother were evacuated out of Berlin at one point when the bombing was too much, and were relocated to a farming area in what became East Germany, which, as we know, was occupied by Russia, or, if you didn’t know, you will find out in this interview.

Smuggling things from West Germany to the East fueled an underground economy, but it eventually became too difficult. Smuggling was a big part of Klaus’s livelihood as a young boy. At the time the “Wall” was a fence with armed guards and, as time went on, they became more and more stricter eventually receiving orders to shoot to kill if you didn't stop!


I’m talking to Klaus now so we know he escaped. He was 15 at the time and terrified.

Klaus came to Canada when he was 25. At the time he was married with kids so this was not a spontaneous trip; it was a deliberate choice to go to a new country he knew virtually nothing about. As he put it “It was big and had very few people…”

I learnt a great deal in this interview. Thank you Klaus. One thing I didn't realize was that West Germany was subsidized by a huge loan from the US after the War thus contributing greatly to their economic growth and recovery. I always wondered how that happened...now I know.

Klaus was selling his books at Coles inside at the local mall. I never have to go to the mall, but for some reason I had this overwhelming feeling to go that day, and that’s how I met Klaus. He is a sweet endearing and kind man. I’m grateful to have met him, to have read his book and to share his story.

Here are a list of his books, if you wish to purchase one. Thanks for listening and reading and supporting this lovely man:

  • The Orphan, Book One.
  • The Orphan, Now a Man.
  • The Baron and the Assassins.
  • The Baron and the Kropp Affair.
  • Missions of a Secret Agent.
  • From War to Peace a Memoir.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with another amazing community hero!

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