Introducing a 12 step program from Captain Awesome.

If you’re like me and grew up with alcoholics or druggy parents then this title might be a bit confusing or funny.….I think its hilarious and I hope you will too. If you haven’t heard of the 12 step program from AA or NA it’s basically a “how to” for when you become sober. It’s a great program for some and can be really helpful when you’ve made a complete mess of your life. My experience of these steps was when my father would binge drink, then suddenly coming to his senses, finding religion and the 12 step program. It was awful. My brother and I had to endure his suddenness of finding Jesus, going to church and listening to him apologize, then he would get his shit together for awhile. Soon we stopped going to church and he slowly became a dick again. Then….the whole process starts anew.

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Stop lying to yourself...

There's this great lie I love, ‘artists create spontaneously, are always going out for coffee, drink or do drugs to elicit something amazing when they paint.....on and on.’ You will see this portrayed in movies. You might even go to an artists studio and see them doing some version of that image. But it’s a one-off or the exception to the rule, the exception that makes for good movies but not for a good life. Of course, if you want to be like Basquiat be my guest. ( he did tons of drugs and was a prick to most people, made great art and died at the age of 28 )

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Landing here was a bitch! The updrafts made it difficult but once I was in the funnel it guided me gently, almost like it wanted me to land. I'm not sure what this planet is called. Tube planet….probably not but would be appropriate. I’m also not sure what these tubes do… noises yet so they are not music driven….but they do blow air...lots of air!!

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Shaken and a Groovin with Arts Rising

This month I’m going to shake things up!!

Here in Penticton we are on the verge of a new consciousness….well actually I think the whole planet is. We just finished the multi sport championships (formally Ironman) and now we are gearing into art….

From September 21st-24th we are hosting, for the first time in Penticton History, “Arts Rising”.

A multi disciplinary Arts and Cultural Event. This is beyond exciting for me. Penticton is known as a sleepy little town full of retirees….but not any more…..

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I wish I had done that….

This month I interviewed Mariegold Randy. Mariegold is AWESOME!! She is incredibly inspiring and was the impetus for Captain Awesome this month!

I ask everyone I interview…”If you could pass on one thing, what would that be?” Her answer, “Do what scares you!”

We are drawn to the things that scare us. Have you noticed that? These scary things seem to follow us and show up at odd, inconvenient times....

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Space, time and getting stuff done: Not your average post on productivity

I talk about space a lot, but usually in terms of wanting more. Finding ways of being that involve more space is probably my key motivation in life, and exploring how to have more space is taking me into some interesting corners of experience.  There is, of course, physical space, which can be decluttered.  Fewer possessions means less to maintain, replace, clean and think about.  Less to think about?  Ah, mental space!

But it’s fleeting.  Tension and stress can set, and when that happens the space is gone again, sometimes in an instant. Mental clutter!

But it’s not all bad.  Because every condition requires its opposite to exist, without the pressure there is no space.  In the west...

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A spectacular death at 15,500 feet

I frequently hear the voice of reason. It arises in situations where I am presented with the opportunity to take a risk, and it frequently coaxes me toward familiarity. As the years pass and I become more acquainted with my need for stimulation, I also hear the voice more often. It’s not that it actually arises more often, but instead of responding without thinking, I now hear it and challenge it. Hearing that voice of reason makes me question how reasonable it actually is, and it makes me questions the ways in which I hold myself back. What unnecessary messages have I internalized that are more for the purpose of ensuring that I conform to perceived norms than of actually keeping me safe?  Is it the pink zebra phenomenon? (I’m pretty sure I just made that up, but I’m also pretty sure it’s a real phenomenon.) One theory on zebra stripes is that they act as a form of camouflage to protect the animals from predators. However, if occasionally a pink zebra were born, it would (in the paradigm in which it would be born at all) be easily picked out of the herd by a predator.

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Say no to striving - you don’t need it.

We’ve all heard claims that happiness is the key to success, or health or a good sex life or whatever. Many books I’ve seen over the years have talked about what to do so you can be happy. In short, the philosophy is that A+B = happiness. In the absence of another approach, I believed this one. After years of diligent effort and certainty that this was the way to go, I realized it wasn’t working, but I didn’t know why. I questioned my approach - maybe I was doing something wrong. No, I was doing all the right stuff. Then I questioned my commitment - maybe I didn’t truly believe I could be happy. No, I was happier while conditions were right, and then things would change and I’d be unhappy again. Constantly trying to get the conditions right fed my desire for control, but it didn’t make me happier.

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There's an app for that!

The idea that we can improve our productivity is ubiquitous these days. It’s been on the radar for years, but a decade ago it was more about how to get the most out of your work hours or your business resources. Now, almost daily, I see resources that address productivity in many aspects of life; I even recently saw one related to vacationing! I have always felt that getting the most out of a vacation is about being less productive.

The desire to be more productive is a growing trend, but why?...keep reading....

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