A spectacular death at 15,500 feet

I frequently hear the voice of reason. It arises in situations where I am presented with the opportunity to take a risk, and it frequently coaxes me toward familiarity. As the years pass and I become more acquainted with my need for stimulation, I also hear the voice more often. It’s not that it actually arises more often, but instead of responding without thinking, I now hear it and challenge it. Hearing that voice of reason makes me question how reasonable it actually is, and it makes me questions the ways in which I hold myself back. What unnecessary messages have I internalized that are more for the purpose of ensuring that I conform to perceived norms than of actually keeping me safe?  Is it the pink zebra phenomenon? (I’m pretty sure I just made that up, but I’m also pretty sure it’s a real phenomenon.) One theory on zebra stripes is that they act as a form of camouflage to protect the animals from predators. However, if occasionally a pink zebra were born, it would (in the paradigm in which it would be born at all) be easily picked out of the herd by a predator.

Say no to striving - you don’t need it.

We’ve all heard claims that happiness is the key to success, or health or a good sex life or whatever. Many books I’ve seen over the years have talked about what to do so you can be happy. In short, the philosophy is that A+B = happiness. In the absence of another approach, I believed this one. After years of diligent effort and certainty that this was the way to go, I realized it wasn’t working, but I didn’t know why. I questioned my approach - maybe I was doing something wrong. No, I was doing all the right stuff. Then I questioned my commitment - maybe I didn’t truly believe I could be happy. No, I was happier while conditions were right, and then things would change and I’d be unhappy again. Constantly trying to get the conditions right fed my desire for control, but it didn’t make me happier.

There's an app for that!

The idea that we can improve our productivity is ubiquitous these days. It’s been on the radar for years, but a decade ago it was more about how to get the most out of your work hours or your business resources. Now, almost daily, I see resources that address productivity in many aspects of life; I even recently saw one related to vacationing! I have always felt that getting the most out of a vacation is about being less productive.

The desire to be more productive is a growing trend, but why?...keep reading....


Welcome, awesome peeps, to the very first post for Captain Awesome! We are super excited to announce the launch of this blog, podcast and illustration!

On the 5th of each month Captain Awesome will appear with something new to ponder in the form of a blog, podcast and illustration!

Who is Captain Awesome? In part, she is the superhero Lisa always wanted to be when she was a kid, except girl superheroes were rare and the representations (spike heels and big boobs) really didn’t resonate. As an adult, an artist and lover of superheroes she thought it was time to envision and bring to life a new superhero! 

In a nutshell to be Captain Awesome is to be the Captain of your own destiny, living your truth and being the best version of yourself you can be. Captain Awesome is the superhero of your life!

When in doubt, shoot rainbows!