The Adventures of Captain Awesome

Landing here was a bitch! The updrafts made it difficult but once I was in the funnel it guided me gently, almost like it wanted me to land. I'm not sure what this planet is called. Tube planet….probably not but would be appropriate. I’m also not sure what these tubes do… noises yet so they are not music driven….but they do blow air...lots of air!!

I wonder what would happen if I flew into one. Like down into it! What's in there…another world....aliens…

I've been traveling for years now, not sure how many...I’m not even sure know how old I am. I seem to age like a sloth, incremental aging. Sloth aging. I have tons of memories but I seem to have lot’s of gaps as well. I’ve been in space searching, searching for the lost memories hoping that each planet, each encounter will help me find out who I am and where I came from. Right now Tube Planet holds the next clue to my being.

The tubes all lead into one place so that place must be important. Concentrate on that one place and I will find what I’m searching for. The convergence of many many thoughts coming together to remind me that all the noise, all the hot air is not important. That spot, that one spot is the key, the place of all knowing.

But what is that spot? I guess I’ll find out. I’ll have to enter a tube, make my way to my next encounter. This place is amazing….and quiet. I’m waiting and wondering if those tubes are gonna start making noise, or music. Or am I putting other places impressions on this place masking my view and skewing my perceptions….

It seems infinite, the tubes go on and on…endless. But that spot, the place they come’s like trying to find the beginning of a rainbow...difficult. I can see it but I can’t reach it, so I must fly into one. That seems like the only way to get to the convergence.

“When all the distractions are overwhelming, step back, breath. Look for the convergence….that is where presence begins.”

- Captain Awesome