The future is friendly, the options are endless...


Inside these tubes seems endless. It’s like a black hole inside a black hole, inside a black hole. It doesn't seem to want to end…and it doesn't seem right. There is an eerie feeling about this place and it somehow seems familiar.

As a young person i had constant night terrors. It was at the end of the Malin 1 Inter Wars but the battle was just beginning inside me. Sometimes i would wake with an unease and “creepy” feeling, sometimes i would be shaken out of a deep sleep terrified but not remembering what i dreamt. It was the after battle that consumed me for years.

Eventually it went away and would only come back periodically. When i spent time with my mom it always came back. She was like acid destroying everything in her path. She was never able to recover from the war path she chose..the war within.

I have my own battle now but unlike my mom i will make a choice. Every Time. To be good or to be acid. Life can be confusing sometimes, like these black holes but it’s only the acid adding confusion so that the real issue at hand is obscured and hidden. It’s a slow burn that destroys everything in its path. I learnt this mind trick from my mom but it doesn't confuse me anymore.

Somewhere along my travels to all these lands and planets the acid ran out. I felt the last remnants leave my body when i landed on planet Diadem in the Asterism Coma Berenices. My ship was having problems and i needed to stop and address the wear a tear. Of course i didn't want to, i wanted to keep going. But When the vessel says stop, you stop.

I met a man named Ceytae at the shipyard that was kind and lovely. He had worked across the universe in many different jobs and seemed to be wise beyond his years. He was a couple years younger than myself but he shone like a bright star and i was drawn to his inner peace. It was something i yearned for but wasn’t aware until a few years after his death.  

My ship took a few months to repair, a blessing in disguise. It was the opportunity i needed to recover from the acid and learn to be whole again. Ceytae unknowingly helped with my recovery and we soon became fast and furious friends. I’ll never forget him….

Life can be confusing sometimes and we sometimes need to make a be acid or to do good.”
— Captain Awesome