What if I lost it all?


So much is talked about with positive visualization. It’s become a quiet obsession. If you look at the negative of anything these days you're almost looked at like you're a coward or your living your life wrong.

I say embrace the negative!!

But first, let me clarify.

Looking at the worst case scenario or crappy things happening is actually the most positive thing you can do for your life. I’ll explain.

What if my house burnt down….

If my house burnt down what would I do. I have house insurance so i'm good financially…..but if I don't have house insurance maybe I should get it. I live in a pretty old building that would be gone in seconds.

The quick lesson here is thinking ahead. The larger lesson is….

Losing all my possessions would be hard. I would have to replace all the basic stuff we often take for granted, like towels and dished and a vacuum. Never mind the big tickets items like a couch or bed. Going shopping would be fun! But….replacing all that stuff is time consuming. In fact it would take hours and hours and most likely done over weeks. Who's gonna replace the time you just lost replacing stuff that has little meaning but we need. Buying towels spontaneously is great when you see a fun new colour but having to spend hours just to get the basics of a home setup is tiring. No Netflix tonight!! Nope...lost sleep while you realized you forgot a shower curtain or the coffee pot for the morning……

There is the emotional impact as well. All the nice little things your grandma bought you, photos, your kids paintings, your favourite old blanket, that old outfit you just had tailored...insurance doesn't cover that and all the emotions that go with our stuff. So then we are left with this sense of loss, an emptiness that can't be replaced. We will grieve for our life's stuff. Our emotions infused within our belongings that we no longer get to be silently reminded off. This is actually a huge loss. At least for most. The time grieving of all this takes time. It’s not always just “stuff” and no positive thinking, “Just think of all the shopping you get to do!”, “You get a fresh start” or “It’s just stuff, think of it as a time of rebirth.” will replace the lost reminders of our emotions that we often take for granted.

But it is just stuff.

When we realize that all our stuff isn't really us or ours, that we could loss it at anytime, then we can appreciate those moments as we connect with that thing that reminded us of that time...Your daughter comes home from school with painting number 34. Your partner comes home grumpy. You come home late and the dog peed on the rug. The fire didn't happen so your daughters painting is more beautiful than the last and you can see the progress, half an hour has passed and your partner is over the grumpiness and the dog was NOT in the fire….

This puts things in a different light doesn't it? It brings me to presence immediately. Which I believe is the meaning of life. When we are present time slows down, therefore allowing more space to appreciate the things in our life as if they are new every time. It also allows us to plan for the future, knowing what is important and what is not.

So go ahead, visualize all the things that could go wrong with your life. Then remind yourself how extraordinary lucky you are to have what brings you joy and who you are able to share it with.

- lisa



We should love all our dear ones . . . but always with the thought that we have no promise that we may keep them forever—nay, no promise even that we may keep them for long.
— Seneca