How’s your pondering going? I know this is a hard step. Waiting to do something but something I’ve learnt throughout my life is that the waiting is really the point. It’s the point of being present, and that my friends is the meaning of life. Presence. So stay with your presence and pondering. Sit….just sit and be in the emotions you are in. Let them come and go and try not to judge yourself. It is so easy to hold ourselves up to some grand standard and say ‘I should’ if I just did this, if I could have said that….but practice letting this habit go….it leaves no room for self love. And if we can’t love ourselves fully then we are broken. And broken things need to be fixed. So sit and fix...one small crack filled, one small piece put back….let time do its job, all you have to do right now is sit and ponder….

- lisa