The Roll out...


On the 1st of every month, starting June 1st I will be rolling out Captain Awesome’s 12 step program. Follow along!! Read, ponder and then write. Every week I will post my process, if your up for it add your process too! At the end of every post on the website, there is a spot for comments, this is where you add your writing. My hopes is that everyone will participate and we can all support and engage with each other.  

Along with every post there will be a colouring image to download. In the Patron ACCESS Section, this section. This is for when you need to reflect or concentrate, are stuck or just pondering…’s a good meditative process that helps relieve stress. Sometimes these reflections on our life can be overwhelming and colouring helps calm the mind. So make sure you download and print as many copies as you need. 

The first pre-step starts now. Look at all the steps, contemplate on them....think about your life and how you got here. This is NOT an exercise in criticism, this is an exercise in becoming the best version of yourself you can be. You are doing the best you can, you are awesome and you are loved. There is no room for criticism and negativity in an Awesome life. It’s too exhausting and it takes away from love, so just leave it at the door!

We are in this journey together. The outcome is not as important as the path you've chosen and the progress you make. So let’s write, colour and connect.

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Here are the steps again for reflection. But don’t worry too much just ponder and colour. Write to if it makes you happy but for now we are reflecting and sitting with ourselves. There is no reason to be in a hurry and this is why we are doing one step a month. Wherever you go there you are, so just be with yourself. This can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience and that’s why we are starting here. Sit, ponder, colour.

- lisa

Captain Awesome's 12 Step Program

  1. Be the captain - you are in charge of your life. Nobody else. Don't rely on anyone for your happiness.

  2. My body is my temple - you get one shot, make looking after your body a priority.

  3. Find your people - we are all connected, but who are the people who lift you up, see things in the same light, who will be there when you’re down. These aren't drinking buddies, they are your extended family. Make sure you cultivate these relationships.

  4. Find a passion that is only yours - something that you do alone. Autonomy is important for self reflection.

  5. Manage money well - money management is a reflection of how you manage your life. Learn and be smart. Dont be a fuckhead.

  6. Combine your heart and your head - logic alone is selfish, feelings alone are madness. We need both so we can follow our heart correctly.

  7. Imagine your death - when you know how you want to die you will live your life accordingly.

  8. Procrastination is your friend - when you procrastinate it means what you are doing is not in alignment to the larger goal, to yourself or is the wrong timing. Don't fight procrastination.

  9. Find your purpose - without knowing our purpose we will not have a direction and waste valuable time. You don't have to know your exact purpose but at least the direction of your purpose.

  10. Establish good habits - key, you can't get shit done by being a lazy.

  11. Spend time alone - if you can't spend time alone you have a problem. Not tv time but alone time. The goal is to be your own best friend.

  12. Balance - all this needs to be balanced. Not fill in parts here and there. Equal parts to all of this. You can't spend 2 hours a week working out and expect to be fit.