Rebels, Fear and Drag Queens.

This month has been all about facing our fears. We are drawn to the things that scare us, have you noticed that? These scary things seem to follow us and show up at odd, inconvenient times. The best thing any of us can do is to move towards and conquer our fears.

Sometimes the fear is just too Captain Awesome this month is our reminder that the first step in conquering any fear is to just peek at it and then when we're ready we can take that first step.

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

- Nelson Mandela

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Heros, Saints and REWARDS

I've made some big changes this month. Awesome People is my labour of love.....but it doesn't work in a bubble. If nobody wants to colour from my colouring book, hang one of my paintings or listen to a Podcast then I've failed...and failure is not an option!

I revamped my REWARDS on Patreon to make things super easy for you. And to give you some really great REWARDS for being a passionate fan!!

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Win a Colouring Book!!

I’m really excited to announce that Awesome People’s first colouring book is going to print! This colouring book is incredibly important to me for two very important reasons. The first reason is learning; I love to learn and this endeavour is giving me a history lesson that school never could. The second reason is far more personal.

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Spring, Machu Picchu and Birthday Adventures.

April is always a fun month for me, how can it not be it’s SPRING!!! Things are sprouting and pushing and nudging their way to explode into life. It's glorious!! As a write this some bizarre bug is making its way towards me….i've never seen this one before…..ah spring…...

I was away most of last month on a epic trip. I went to Peru and Bolivia and hiked the famous Ruin of Machu Picchu. Now that i'm back I feel I too am bursting with life. New thoughts and processes are swirling around in my head trying to get out. My goal is to do a whole bunch of illustrations for you about this trip. More colouring book illustrations on the Inca and all the empires before them. Stay tuned for that!!

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Adaptation, Peace and Carrie Fisher.

This month we launched Captain Awesome!! This is something I am very proud of. Not just because it's cool, or because every blog (starting April 5th) comes with a podcast on the subject, and not just because of the illustrations, which are amazing by the way. I’m proud of this project because it’s been in the making my whole life, and I finally get to see it take off....

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Awesome People is a reflection on everything that is important to me, the people who are in my life, the lives I touch and the trickle effect of this..

Awesome People is a reflection on everything that is important to me, the people who are in my life, the lives I touch and the trickle effect of this…

The content of Awesome People is an accumulation of profound experiences. Every interview I do changes my perspective on life, every painting changes how I see, with I every illustration I make I open to learning. My goal is, of course, to pass on as much as I can to you, so you, too, can evolve in ways that bring your dreams to fruition.

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Fall, family and Peaches.

Fall is upon us and I'm quite excited to see all the colours. November 1st marks the one year anniversary since my wife and I moved to Penticton so we missed fall all together. Apples are ready to be picked, peaches are ready...apparently there are 2 kinds, white, that fall off the tree the beginning of August and the more oranger colour that fall off now….the beginning of september. Who knew!!? Not me….until now. The grapes are being picked for winos and most of the tourists are gone…..

We had bucket loads of visitors this summer and it was glorious! I loved seeing friends from all over the country and showing off our new home. I’m extremely grateful and lucky for all the people in my life. Friends who have stuck around for 10, 20 and almost 30 years now. No more

Family is a funny thing. What does it really mean? Blood….some say that's family…..some say who you grew up with...I say whatever you want it to be.

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