Fall, family and Peaches.

Fall is upon us and I'm quite excited to see all the colours. November 1st marks the one year anniversary since my wife and I moved to Penticton so we missed fall all together. Apples are ready to be picked, peaches are ready...apparently there are 2 kinds, white, that fall off the tree the beginning of August and the more oranger colour that fall off now, the beginning of September. Who knew!!? Not me….until now. The grapes are being picked for winos and most of the tourists are gone…..

- View from my favorite ride on the KVR bike trail. -

- View from my favorite ride on the KVR bike trail. -

We had bucket loads of visitors this summer and it was glorious! I loved seeing friends from all over the country and showing off our new home. I’m extremely grateful and lucky for all the people in my life. Friends who have stuck around for 10, 20 and almost 30 years now. No more friends...family.

Family is a funny thing. What does it really mean? Blood….some say that's family…..some say who you grew up with...I say whatever you want it to be.

Being born is an act of family. You have 2 people ( or sometimes one ) that decided or ended up deciding to have a child. You are born...you're in a family. But it's not always that easy. Or perhaps not that simple. The closest people in my life are half bloods or no bloods. A family of sorts that we decided was our own. We made a decision that through getting to know each other we liked the bond we had and we wanted to keep it. Simple. And thus a family was born.  

When you come from a fractured home you learn through the school of hard knocks the real value of love. You know what it means to truly give your heart and to truly be devoted to someone. I think it starts from survival and then we get ahold of it and shape it and nurture it as we grow and then suddenly we have something beautiful.

I can't imagine coming from a loving devoted family with a mom and dad that love each other. Siblings that love each other. Cousins you wanna talk to…..what a weird concept! I see this dynamic occasionally as it plops onto my path, shaking my foundation. Who are these people!!!? I think they're aliens. I wanted so badly to be an alien when I was a kid. I knew I didn't belong to these people who called themselves my parents….I couldn't. They were crazy…..At the age of six I remember thinking “something is wrong with you and I will not be like you.” I truly remember thinking this….

I don't know where any of this blabbing is going but I have a secret…..I’m writing a book. An autobiography of sorts….but don't say anything yet, it might take me awhile...a long while, I’m the slowest writer on the planet…..and I don't have a title for my book yet. Interestingly as I write away, I remember more and more of my childhood and, this is the best part, sorta, I am remembering how I felt at the time. It's actually slightly frightening….but I'm gonna push thru. Something needs to come out of me…..

I grew up dyslexic….weirdly I didn't know until I was 21 after going through some horribly long tests...something very hard if you're dyslexic. I'm on the good end of the spectrum though, so I can fake my way through stuff that requires sequences…….The key is systems. They will save my ass every time. If I don't have a system I'm pretty well fucked…...so my system right now is up at 8:00 and writing for 2 hours a day. It could be on my book or it could be on a blog post or about an interview I just recorded. But 2 hours a day. Feels right and whatever I don't put in my book you dear reader are getting. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I truly mean this, without you I would not be where I am on this new word brain journey.

loads of love, lisa

- This is painting of James Demers. I interviewed him last year....amazing! The invisible man theory is his quote. 

- This is painting of James Demers. I interviewed him last year....amazing! The invisible man theory is his quote. 

The Invisible man theory.

When my wife and I started dating we had the usual questions, do you want kids? Do you like cats or dogs, or both? What's on your bucket list? What's your family like? Do you believe in God, or Dog if your dyslexic like me….

It was a bit of a loaded question at the time. I knew Lizzie believed in God or something but I didn't know the details. Turns out we have completely opposing beliefs on the subject. She believes Jesus was real and left all these scriptures to live by handed down to him from God. Holy fuck! Pardon the pun……This isn't a far off belief system at all. Tons of people have the same beliefs. People I know, scientists and of course loads of my family. But it couldn't be further from what I believed…

I haven't spent any time with anyone discussing religion or Jesus or whatever on a personal level probably since I left the church thing behind after I moved out of the house. Which was quite young….My experience of God and religion was my father binge drinking, fucking everything up, my step mom smacking him around she was so mad, who could blame her, and then we went to church…...a good experience was had by all...

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- My Wife and I out on a bike ride. She is younger...I hope she can keep up :) -

- My Wife and I out on a bike ride. She is younger...I hope she can keep up :) -

Gymnastics, setting goals and X-Men

So I made this goal for myself to be the fittest of my life when I turn 50. I have 7 more months left and am mostly on track. Mostly…..what i'm realizing lately is that it’s a very grey area. Degeneration is a reality i'm working with and old injuries or body stressors might not completely heal. But having said that the goal is a reality and i'm going to reach it and make it a platform for my future.


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