Captain Awesome launches in 8 days!!


Hey awesome peeps!!

This is an extra newsletter with some extra exciting news!! Captain Awesome is launching in 8 days!!! We have been working like crazy to collect enough awesomeness for a proper lift-off, and we’re finally here!

Who is Captain Awesome?

In part, she is the super hero I always wanted to be when I was a kid, except girl superheroes were pretty few and far between….and they all had spike heels and big boobs, and somehow that just didn’t resonate. As a grown woman and an artist, I now get to make my own superhero!! She has all the things that are fun - Spock ears, crazy hair (I think I actually had hair like this once) a cool outfit (no bursting boobs) and, of course, a ray gun that shoots rainbows!

In a nutshell to be Captain Awesome is to be the Captain of your own destiny, living your truth and being the best version of yourself you can be. “When in doubt, shoot rainbows!” this is a powerful statement for me, as I often think most people, when they are behaving poorly, just might need a hug; sometimes that’s hard to do, but one can always shoot rainbows!

In the background of Awesome People is a brilliant writer, my friend Tam (AKA the Captain). She is the voice of sanity in my craziness, is the editor of my shitty grammar and puts into words all the things I can draw! It's a brilliant combo.

But Captain Awesome isn't just about me and the drawings, and it’s also not just about Tamara’s brilliant writing; it's also about you, the connection we all share, the interconnectedness we cannot escape (nor should we), and the responsibility that comes with that connection.

I feel that connection continuously, so if I can do something that can help another person win at life, I win too.  If I don’t, then I fail as well. Failure, even if it’s the failure to act, is not the legacy I want for myself. Captain Awesome would not stand for it and neither will I!

We are taking blogging to a whole new level. This isn't a self help blog or a fluff blog. It’s also not going to change your life tomorrow… because, frankly, life doesn't work that way.  I’ve learned from the school of hard knocks to live my truth, no matter what stage of life I’m at. Acceptance and slow growth are the building blocks to my life.  Slow and steady like a turtle.

It’s an ongoing challenge. A slow mutation that eventually brings us all to XMEN status. Who we are and who we want to be don't always line up but that just means we are human. The path we choose should be fun, exciting and full of wonder. Captain Awesome is our gift to you. Because frankly, if you're not that captain then who is?

Cheers and remember, Life is too short for anything less than Awesome!!