Adaptation, Peace and Carrie Fisher.


This month we launched Captain Awesome.

This is something I am very proud of. Not just because it's cool, or because every blog (starting April 5th) comes with a podcast on the subject, and not just because of the illustrations, which are amazing by the way. I’m proud of this project because it’s been in the making my whole life, and I finally get to see it take off.

I've been wanting to be a superhero for most of my life - of course as a kid, but secretly as an adult too. Am I the only one who feels this way? And now with really great movies like Captain America and Iron Man we get to see these fantasies come to life like never before. But I have to be honest, I’m not the superhero type. I can't run more than a block, I would probably cry if faced with someone scary, and I love my routine too much (If i don't get my coffee in the morning I'm not happy…)

But there is something about being a superhero that really resonates with me. I'm a thinker and reader, and I like to read books that are educational or self-helpy or can improve my being. I’m also a problem-solver; I really like to figure things out. I’m also a total girl, so the love of figuring things out applies to things like emotions and behaviour. And there it was staring me in the face - I can still be a superhero, just more of the emotional brainy kind...with cool outfits, of course!

Captain Awesome is an accumulation of all things cool and amazing. She is a girl, of course (there are definitely not enough girl superheros), but she is somewhat androgynous, has super powers of every variety, has wicked outfits and hair, is utterly kind and understanding, and can solve any problem. This is the superhero I want to be!

Adaptability is the key component for me. When we can adapt and evolve to be a better version of ourselves, one day at a time, one moment at a time, then we can become superheroes in our own lives.

Klaus Sturze

Klaus Sturze and yours truly....

Klaus Sturze and yours truly....


Did you get chance to see the last Blog / Interview with Klaus? He is so cute…”a bit german” (I was teasing him in our interview).  Klaus was 4 years old when the Second World War began and 9 when it ended.

Klaus and his mother were evacuated out of Berlin at one point when the bombing was too much, and were relocated to a farming area in what became East Germany...keep reading

My illustration for Carrie Fisher is finally done!! I struggled with this one...mainly because I was afraid of copyright infringements....I could do a whole colouring book on Princess Leia and Star Wars alone but I think disney might object!! Princess Leia was also a huge childhood icon for brother and I were Jedi's after all....

Did you know every colouring illustration comes with an informative paragraph or two on that person, plus links to the references so you can do further reading? Here is the one for Carrie Fisher below. Her illustration is available for download now and you can grab it here.  

Carrie Fisher

Born in 1956, was an American actress best known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. Though Star Wars launched her career she appeared on broadway as a teen as well in the early 1980s, and throughout the 80s in a number of other films, rounding out a solid acting career.

Apart from acting she was an accomplished writer, humourist and outspoken activist for mental health and addiction issues. She is known for her fictionalized autobiographical best-sellfer, Postcards from the Edge (1987), which became a film, as well as a number of other books such as Shockaholic, and Wishful Drinking, which expose her talent for both humour and memoir.

Behind the scenes, Carrie Fisher was in demand in Hollywood as a script doctor. Her talent for writing easily translated to editing and polishing screenplays and scripts for both television and movies, including the Star Wars prequels.

In 2016, when Carrie Fisher died suddenly at the age of only 60, Hollywood was shocked; she was known and loved by so many. Social media also buzzed as the public voiced appreciation for her as a strong role model, an activist, and as a sassy and endearing voice for social change.





I'm working super hard on these illustrations, if you know someone who likes to colour please forward this email. I would love your help getting the word out. Thanks a tone,