Who is the Captain of your destiny?


Hey awesome peeps!

The middle of February brings some exciting news! The launch of Captain Awesome is almost here! What is Captain Awesome, you ask? Our hashtag, #betheCaptain, kinda sums it up. Captain Awesome is about being the Captain of your own destiny, living your truth and being the best version of yourself you can be. Every month we pick a topic, write about it, post a podcast about it, and then I illustrate it! I'll be posting more as we get closer but, for now, enjoy this illustration!



My last podcast was with the amazing Jarred Nicklen.


Jarred is a singer songwriter and did the music for Awesome People. He is as brilliant as he is handsome. You can catch up on that podcast here. 

For the love of colouring

If you love to colour, we have great news!  Rebel Girls: Shattering the glass, Awesome People’s first colouring book, is well on its way! There are 9 illustrated woman so far including, Frida Kahlo, Viola Desmond, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie and Virginia Woolf.

This colouring book is about more than colouring, which seems extra important right now with the Women's March that took place in January to highlight rights that we, frankly, shouldn't be fighting for anymore, but still are. If you think there is an incredible woman out there that should be included in the Rebel Girls colouring book, please speak up and let us know!

Here are a couple more images to get your crayons revved up!!

Amelia Earthart

Amelia Earthart

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

There are 5 Individual downloadable files available right now of the above mentioned. They are only $2.68 each. But there are more in reserve, I am working on 2 more, and, as we speak, Michelle Obama is in the works. I’m completing about 1 illustration per week, so they are adding up quickly.

If there are so many, why are there only five available for download? Thats a good question!

As you may also know, Patreon is up and running. Patreon is a crowd sourcing resource where you can subscribe with a monthly subscription as low as $1, and for those subscriptions you receive REWARDS.

For my colourers, the rewards for the $3 monthly subscription are illustrations! Your subscription will not only elevate you instantly to Awesome status, but you will have exclusive access to a new illustration every month. This means that for being part of the AwesomePeoplebylisa Patreon community you will receive the illustrations before they are published in the colouring book or are available for download! I want to reward you for supporting my work and for loving what I'm doing, and I want to REWARD you well, so go to Patreon and check out the Awesome People here.

If you know other colourers, please don’t keep this to yourself. Share this newsletter with them! These are exciting illustrations, I love drawing them and I want to get the word out! Thank you in advance, for your support and for being part of this community of awesome people.

Cheers and happy colouring!!