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Our Crowdfunding site is Patreon!

What is Patreon? It's a crowdfunding site dedicated to artists. It's kinda like Kickstarter but instead of making a one time donation and getting something cool, on Patreon you make a monthly pledge and get something cool EVERY MONTH!!

The pledges start at $1, then $3 then $5...etc. the REWARD reflects the pledge. This is where the MAGIC get to become involved and show your support.

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You are now part of the inner circle of Awesome People!! This is exclusive content to my Patrons only!



Receive a monthly printout from the colouring book. This is exclusive to Patrons only!



Receive a drawing of anyone you like!




Receive a painting!! 

YES that's correct!!



"In between interviewing amazing people for the podcast and drawing daily for the colouring books, I am working diligently to fulfill my pledges!! You are extremely important to me, my job is to add value to your life, and that’s something I take very seriously!! 

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. Thinking and living differently is at the core of who we are as Awesome People. You're not alone; you're the reason the world is so interesting, and you're the reason I do this! 

Thanks for being you, and thanks for being Awesome!!"
- lisa