Pedagogy of the oppressed, the Invisible Man and language politics.

Welcome to Awesome People, James Demers.

I’ve known James for about 10 years. He was this super cute butch dyke back in the day, when I was a server in a community-based bar and restaurant. It supported all aspects of the gay community, including youth. And since it was licensed as a family restaurant, under age kids could get in and didn't have to leave until 10:00 pm. I served James and his, or her, friends for years. It was such an incredible place to meet people which, of course, included James. 

Roll ahead 10 years...James now identifies as a trans man, and is still super cute and brilliant. He is articulate, smart and has some amazing quotes. Two of my favorites are,

“You have to live in the world not in Tumblr.” and “I think this is a you problem.”
— James Demers

James is the Executive Director for Fairy Tales Presentation Society. A Queer-based film festival. If you live in Calgary, and haven't taken in this amazing festival, you should check it out! It's been running now for 18 years, and is Super Awesome!

James and I talk for just over an hour. It's a jam-packed chat full of tons of great topics....some of them are:

  • Transitioning and the whole process

  • Religion, and what happens if you don't believe in God

  • Gay Marriage

  • Equal opportunity in divorce

  • The bathroom Bill

  • Coming out as an introvert as opposed to an extravert

  • Solvable problems

  • Language politics

  • Pedagogy of the oppressed

  • Losing your job

  • and, of course, unicorns

This interview goes on and on in the best possible way. I can't wait for you to hear it! James is incredibly well spoken and his interview will keep you on your toes.

Please enjoy this brilliant interview with James.

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