Serial killers, Tahsis and turning 50!


This week's interview is taking a slight shift….

I had a duo art show this past November with the amazing Chris Kuzmanovich. Throughout the night, two people, who did not know each other, asked me where my portrait and interview was on the Awesome People website.  I then said, ”Hmmmmm….ah…..ohhh….” That’s word-for-word…….and so, Chris, being the good friend that he is, has taken the time to interview me!

When I ask people to participate, often I get a funny response, ”Who me? Oh...I have nothing to say.” or they get quite nervous, and then sometimes postpone. Well, I now understand why! Telling your story is not an easy task. You're putting yourself out there in a very different way - a permanent way - and you're baring your soul to the world. This is an act of bravery! I want to thank every single person who has participated, and who will participate in the future. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

I’d like to do a shout out to a few people who might have not had much airtime during this interview or to clarify any miss thoughts.

My stepmom, Maxine.  She was the best parent I had, and I have appreciated immensely that she gave up so much to raise me, and to help me be the person I am today.

My Mom. We were able to start from where we were as adults, and love each other as mother and daughter until her death. I miss you mom.

To my step sister Angela. The kindest most thoughtful person I know. Her Dad and my Mom had an immense and deep love for each other, and without them we would have never met...and that would be sad.

My sister Shelley. I’m blessed with having a soulmate family. She is one.

My brother Cameron - kind and sensitive - I hope you know how much I have always loved you and missed you when you were not there.

My older brother and sister, Jay and Jodie. You paved the road for me, taking the brunt of many things. You are always in my heart and I will forever love you.

Thanks for listening. with love, lisa



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