SWF, Fort Mac and the importance of good hair!

Introducing to Awesome People, Amy Hef!

Amy is an electrifying and dynamic musician who will inspire you with her musician super powers!!!

We had so much fun in this interview, we laughed as much as much as we talked.

Amy grew up in the city of Fort McMurray, where most of her family still resides.  Unbeknownst to most people Fort Mac is a city that is extremely arts-supportive and very community-orientated. So, it's no surprise that her musical career starts in Fort Mac and continues to LA and Calgary, where she resides right now….at least until she gets her green card for the US. Good luck Amy!

Amy started playing the Drums at 11 and has a great story about how she convinced her dad to buy her a drum set.

Our interview talks a great deal about hair, angry song writing and love songs, the only two real musical topics.

This was the only photo I found of Amy with long hair...

This was the only photo I found of Amy with long hair...

A very recent pic! Lookin hot Amy!

A very recent pic! Lookin hot Amy!

Amy and I talk about the importance of support as an artist, procrastination and coming out in many ways.

As well, we have a BONUS at the end -Amy’s new song, ”What comes next?”

Heres the video so you can listen right now! Welcome to Awesome People, Amy!!

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