Integrity, Disenchantment, Allergies.

My next guest is the one and only Cindy Hardie.


Cindy was a sailing coach and was born and raised in Saskatchewan. What! How does this happen?

I look up to Cindy immensely. She is the kind of woman that inspires all those around her. She is strong, kind, smart, thoughtful, and her knowledge of who she is and the world she belongs to is solid.

Cindy comes from a family of 8 kids, so her parents kept them busy! Sports weekends, summer camps etc. Sailing was one of those projects. She was 12 years old when she embarked on her first sailing trip at buffalo pound lake in Saskatchewan. That was the beginning of her sailing career. “Wow, I wanna do this!”

Saskatchewan has a provincial sailing team, so while at UofS she of course joined the team. This was the beginning of an incredible journey that lead her to the Olympics. This was also, one of her tipping points.

“There’s always one step forward”

Cindy has three girls that are not athletic….a shock to say the least to her and her husband. But they managed and have three amazing little artists. “We are just around to find out how cool they really are.”

This interview is full of inspiration. Cindy is a natural coach in the world, in her home and in her message. Or should I say messages….

  • “Don't give up and trust your instincts”

  • “There's very little I’m going to close the door on.”

  • “What works for me? Does it feel good? Keep going. Is it not working let that go.”

The big question. If you could pass on one thing, what would that be?

“I never want to stand certain on what I know to be true. Each step of your life gets challenged and changes. Be open to that and don’t see it as a failure or a bad thing. Let those changes occur and accept them.”

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