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Curious, Creative and Fear.

My next guest is Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine.

I first met Janine at Art Central where we both had Studio & Galleries. This was a fantastic place in downtown Calgary with three floors of creativity!! This is where Uppercase Magazine started.

Janine actually started her career at a very young age….I used to make pretend notebooks, put them in my carrying cases that I made for them. I then had people sign out books from my library and my magazine was called “Kraft.”

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Money, Legacy's and Reunions.

Today’s guest is the one and only, Lorrie Murphy. Now when I say the one and only, I really mean the one and only!!

The night before our interview we had the Money Pennies Reunion. A celebration of Lorrie’s restaurant and bar called Money Pennies. She often called this place a people bar because everyone was welcome from all walks of life no matter who you were. 

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It's a girl!!

Laurel Burnham is a force to be reckoned with; A feminist, Activist, and what she likes to call a Cultural Entrepreneur. Laurel is the Vice President of the Penticton Arts Council and Head of the Arts Rising Organizing Committee.

This interview is all Laurel and the community hero that she is. We delve into feminism, talk about being a bag lady, and touch on some of her heroes....

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    Ask, Trust, Let Go.

    Vaelei Walkden-Brown is our next guest. She is the Executive Director of the Penticton & District Arts Council, one of the driving forces behind Arts Rising. This is something she is very proud of and you can hear the enthusiasm in her voice.

    Vaelei’s roots are Polynesian, Australian Feminists and Edmontonian Rocker. OMG Yup, she is one of the most balanced people I know. Love exudes from her when you’re around her, you can feel how strong she is and when you watch her take on a project the badass Rocker Chick comes out! Look out world this girl is gonna get shit done!

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    Persian Dancing, My Tree and an Angel.

    My next guest is a molecular scientist, a cancer thriver, a Mindfulness coach, and an author. Welcome to Awesome People Mehrnaz Massoudi. 

    Mehrnaz was born and raised in Iran. Fell in love while still in Iran...which shouldn't seem like a big deal, but it was during the Iranian revolution and the young man was Baha'i. At that time it was illegal for a Muslim woman to marry a Baha'i man….we talk about their escape, what that was like and the effects of Mr. Bush. We also talk about how to pronounce Iran...not Iran. 

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    Circle of influence, alone one can be and two tone tessie.

    This next interview is so great in so many ways!! Claire Keys is our next guest. She is fun and inspiring and has the best accent. Born and raised in Rodezia, now Zimbabewe, Claire grew up in and out of convent/boarding schools at the age of two. They were Catholic of course and run by very strict nuns! YIKES!!

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    Travel, shoplifting and alternative parenting.

    This interview is a must for anyone searching for an unconventional lifestyle. My next guest, David Wourms is the go-to guy for living an alternative life. He is homeless, (he still has an address in Alberta; the government requires this), but lives out of Airbnb and house-sitting gigs. He is also the primary parent of his daughter, and has been since she was 4 years old.

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    MasterChef, leggings are not pants and vintage collectables.

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce this new addition to Awesome People, a Master Chef participant, creative designer and lover of margarine...My Domingo.

    2016 was an incredible year for My Domingo. He made the cut for MasterChef Canada - one of 40 participants of over 40,000 entries! WOW!  That's like winning the lottery...but with work involved.  Congratulations Domingo!

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    Fungus, loonies and a car wash!

    Lynn Greene is a dynamo! I first came across her while being introduced to this video Citizen X. A video about Bill C-16 or more commonly called the bathroom bill. It's a bill that will amend the human rights act to protect those transitioning while using a public washroom. Why this has become such a big issue, we are not sure, but Lynn is not someone to sit and do nothing. She and a group of talented individuals made this video to show support to transgendered people, and to say, "Hey this is ridiculous; we just wanna pee!!"

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