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Circle of influence, alone one can be and two tone tessie.

This next interview is so great in so many ways!! Claire Keys is our next guest. She is fun and inspiring and has the best accent. Born and raised in Rodezia, now Zimbabewe, Claire grew up in and out of convent/boarding schools at the age of two. They were Catholic of course and run by very strict nuns! YIKES!!

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Travel, shoplifting and alternative parenting.

This interview is a must for anyone searching for an unconventional lifestyle. My next guest, David Wourms is the go-to guy for living an alternative life. He is homeless, (he still has an address in Alberta; the government requires this), but lives out of Airbnb and house-sitting gigs. He is also the primary parent of his daughter, and has been since she was 4 years old.

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