Talking to God, Camp Firefly and Hormone Therapy!

This next interview is with the most amazing Marisa and her most amazing Mom, Carmine.

I first met Marisa while sitting on the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Chief's Advisory Board for the City of Calgary Police. A long name, I know, but it's a very important and forward thinking board. Marisa is the kind of person to sit on a board like this - a big thinker with big feelings and a sense of wanting to do something BIG in the world!

She attended Camp Firefly when she was 22, which changed her life. And it's very apparent as she smiles immensely every time Camp Firefly is brought up.

Camp Firefly is an LGBT Youth Camp in three locations, Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon.

We touch on the importance of GSA's in the school system. That's Gay Straight Alliance. This is an important addition to the school experience for the safety of all kids and honouring those most at risk. 

The topic of Hormone suppressant therapy came up, as well as transgender dysphoria.

Marisa is into learning about such things as history, political movements, and civil rights  movements, so when I asked her about documentaries this one was one she mentioned.

Marisa is truly a gem. I can't wait to check in with her in a couple years to see her personal development and what amazing things she is doing. You're a beautiful soul, Marisa!

with love, lisa

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