Carrie Fisher


Carrie Fisher, born in 1956, was an American actress best known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. Though Star Wars launched her career she appeared on broadway as a teen as well in the early 1980s, and throughout the 80s in a number of other films, rounding out a solid acting career. 

Apart from acting she was an accomplished writer, humourist and outspoken activist for mental health and addiction issues. She is known for her fictionalized autobiographical best-seller, Postcards from the Edge (1987), which became a film, as well as a number of other books such as Shockaholic, and Wishful Drinking, which expose her talent for both humour and memoir. 

Behind the scenes, Carrie Fisher was in demand in Hollywood as a script doctor. Her talent for writing easily translated to editing and polishing screenplays and scripts for both television and movies, including the Star Wars prequels.

In 2016, when Carrie Fisher died suddenly at the age of only 60, Hollywood was shocked; she was known and loved by so many. Social media also buzzed as the public voiced appreciation for her as a strong role model, an activist, and a sassy and endearing voice for social change.