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My Goal is to Change the way Art is Sold and Experienced!


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"When you subscribe to Awesome People with a monthly pledge, $6, $12 or $24, you are essentially buying a painting over time, 3 years to be exact and this allows me to build a community around you, my Patrons. 

My goal is to change the way art is sold and experienced. Not only do you get a painting but you get access to the  

I wanna spread as much ART love as I can!! So all my Patrons will receive all the different kinds of art I produce! Your monthly subscription gives you the Awesome People private newsletter, a printout from one of my colouring books, discounts for published books, early access to public content, private or group art lessons, plus patron hosted paint nights! Woohoo how fun is this!!

Thanks for joining, together we are Awesome People!